Gear Scarlet For Honda CRF150 And Kawasaki KLX150Gear Scarlet For Honda CRF150 And Kawasaki KLX150
21 July 2020
The increasing number of trail bike users, such as the Honda CRF 150 and Kawasaki KLX 150 in Indonesia, has made providers of aftermarket products develop several needs for dual purpose motorcycles. Among them are tires, rims, brake levers and clutches and gears, the goal is that motor performance can be maximized when on the highway and also dirt and even mud roads.

Sometimes, what has been given by the manufacturer does not match what is needed. Because indeed, some standard components of the manufacturer are only made for normal tracks. Not made for extreme tracks like mud and steep inclines.
When used, some components such as front and rear gears do not support performance. Does not support engine performance when striking through dirt and mud tracks. For that, trail bike users who love adventure, prefer aftermarket gear sets that vary in size.
see that opportunity exists, and it's still very rare to play in this segment. "From mid-2019, we have focused on the trail segment," Wednesday (7/22/2020). Gear sets are offered for the Honda CRF 150 and also the Kawasaki KLX 150.

The material used in this gearset is different from the manufacturer. "Material CR-20, the quality is above iron and steel," We can be sure of the strength of this gear set to support the performance of motocross lovers in Indonesia.
The price is quite affordable, very fitting for a pocket for beginner crossers.
Here are the sizes of the Scarlet Gearset for the Honda CRF150 and Kawasaki KLX150

The front gear of the Kawasaki KLX measures 13T, 14T and 15T,
Rear gear KLX150 43T, 45T, 47T, 48T, 49T, 50T, 51T, 52T, 3T, 54T and 56T
Honda CRF150 14T and 15T front gear
Rear Gear CR150F 45T, 47T, 48T, 49T, 50T, 51T, 52T, 3T, 54T and 56T.